Get to Know: Gerry Cinnamon

December 8, 2019 7:10 pm by

I was recently introduced to the musical phenomenon, Gerry Cinnamon.  First of all, the guy can write songs and convey emotion which are the traits that have helped him rise from obscurity.  What is garnering attention in the press is the fact he has done this 100% independently.  Seriously.  This is what some folks thought would happen more often with the sharing of music on the internet, but it never really worked out that way.

Keep in mind you’re reading the thoughts of a midwestern U.S. music fan, but I do see some characteristics that make the indie musician stand out.  He has stayed true to himself and his music.  Cinnamon has mentioned he continued to make his music free and posted to soundcloud before anyone payed attention.  And what an attitude! He just called out a “fan” that threw gum at him while on stage.

He has played on some of the great UK festivals and even sold out (without any management) The Barrowlands venue in Glasgow for two shows…TWO years ago!  Now playing along with the likes of The Courteeners and Liam Gallagher.  The latest has him headlining a festival next year.

Here is one of his latest songs.  I believe we we’ll hear a lot about his upcoming album in 2020!