New Toy Music for the Holiday

December 2, 2019 7:36 am by

The band, Toy, that is.  They have released a covers collection choosing songs that inspired them.  I’ve added “Down on the Street” (originally recorded by The Stooges) to a playlist I’m sharing just ahead of the SmashBrackets app official launch.

Give it a listen and you will be ahead of the curve when voting on the app.  We will be testing the new build this week before it is submitted to the Apple App Store.

If you hear something special, give the artist a shout out on social!  This is the very reason I have put the time, effort and dollars into this app – to create more conversation around music and share it with others.  So help me get the word out about the music you hear via SmashBrackets.  The artists will love you for it!

A couple other tracks I’ll mention to you on the list:

“Get Me” by Yes You Are is a fun track. There were so many choices it made it difficult to pick one.  The singer has previously described their sound as “black pop” which I got a kick out of hearing.  I wanted to highlight this band as they are from my area – Kansas City.  They have had some success, but are not household names.  Some of you may be aware of another tie to the alternative scene; the lead singer was in Tilly & the Wall back 10-15 years ago.  They toured with the likes of Rilo Kiley and Bright Eyes.

And I would also mention something about the music of Monty Taft (last track on the playlist, “Friend Not My Fear (Glass)).  This song really matched well with the playlist vibe, but if a lighter indie sound is more your to your liking, go check out his other songs like “Long River” or “Bloom”.  All were released this year and show a real range.  That is one something so easily missed when we only listen to a random track by a new-to-us artist.

I look forward to your feedback on the list.

2019 Wk 1 SmashBrackets Breakout Tracks  [Note: Copy shortcut and paste into your Spotify search]