Artists You Should Know – 9/19/18

September 19, 2018 3:54 pm by

This is your weekly destination to learn about a new artist.  The hope is you find some tunes worth sharing with your friends and spread the word about these artists. Give them some love!  [Note: This feature will not include solicited artists; only acts I am discovering myself as I put together upcoming music brackets.]

Delgres is a trio from Paris, France, with a blend and style that is pointless to describe.  They need to be heard.  I will tell you that I am planning to include one of their tracks in a blues-based bracket coming soon.  However, in my research, the words “French”, “Caribbean” and “New Orleans” continue to crop up.  So use your imagination until you give them a listen.

If you live in the States, they are actually touring right now.  Look them up, share with friends who might be close to one of their stops – and tell me if you’ve had the chance to see them perform!

As I looked up the band, I thought about Sugarman/Rodriguez and how mysterious he was because there wasn’t much information about him.  Same seems to apply for Delgres.  I did find an interview here.  And visit this site for all their social and music links.